Secure shredding services throughout Herefordshire


We are an independent Herefordshire based company which provides document destruction services to small, medium and large businesses. We are a local business serving local businesses.

We're also registered waste carriers with the environment agency.

Environment Agency
Enviro Shred Van

We have grown rapidly over recent years to become the service provider of choice for many solicitors, accountants, medical centres, schools/colleges and businesses for whom security and a professional service is a priority.

We offer a competitively priced service which requires no contracts. We tailor our service to the individual needs of our clients which can be a one-off collection for office moves, closures for example, a periodic collection or a regular scheduled collection each month.

No quantity is too large or too small. Not only can we provide you with a professional way to dispose of your secure documents, we can also help your business to reduce its carbon footprint.

our shredding services

Once you have decided the service you require you simply decide if you need us to provide you with our free paper sacks, lockable wheelie bins or if you are happy to send your data in your own secure containers.

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One off

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Regular scheduled collection

Secure Shredding

Your data is held securely in the hands of our staff from collection to destruction.

We now use the latest mobile tracking software available to us which allows us to monitor our vehicles at any point along the route. All details you need are recorded which are then provided to you on the Certificate of Destruction such as the weight of collection, etc. and you are sent a copy of this following destruction.

Data is destroyed using the latest industry-leading shredder, chopping the data into confetti like pieces and mixed so that no two pieces could be placed together to make any sense prior to recycling.

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All of the high quality office paper collected by us is shredded, bailed and sent back to paper mills for re-processing.

We don't claim that recycling paper saves trees. Most trees used to make paper have been cultivated as a crop to supply wood for the manufacture of paper, with more trees being planted to replace the ones that have been harvested. However it is far more beneficial from an environmental point of view to recycle high quality paper such as this compared to the alternative methods of destruction such as incineration or landfill.

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